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[ Roshan Seth ] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Roshan Seth is an Indian-born British actor, who appears mainly in British and American films. He is best know

Birthday : Apr 02 10485
Born: Patna, Bihar, India
IMDB: nm0786022
Movie DB: 693

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Roshan Seth

Roshan Seth

City of Tiny Lights ( 2016 )
rated: 6.3

City Of Tiny Lights is a witty gumshoe in contemporary suburban London When Asian Private Eye Tommy Akhtar is put on the trail of missing hooker Sexy Russian he begins to expose a series of dark secrets that reveal uncomfortable truths about Tommys o .....

Time Traveller ( 2015 )
rated: 4.5

Great Barrier Reef` 2020` After a dangerous dive to save his wife Laura trapped while exploring a colonial British merchant ship wreckage` Jay Fennel` a rugged and attractive marine archaeologist lies comatose in a Boston hospital` Fennel`s dream-lik .....

Proof ( 2005 )
rated: 6.8

Catherine is a woman in her late twenties who is strongly devoted to her father Robert a brilliant and well-known mathematician whose grip on reality is beginning to slip away As Robert descends into madness Catherine begins to wonder if she may have .....

Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom ( 1984 )
rated: 7.6

Indiana Jones teams up with a nightclub singer named Wilhelmina Willie Scott and a twelve-year-old Chinese boy named Short Round They end up in a small distressed village in India where the people believe that evil spirits have taken all their childr .....

Gandhi ( 1982 )
rated: 8.1

In 1893 Mohandas K Gandhi is thrown off a South African train for being an Indian and traveling in a first class compartment Gandhi realizes that the laws are biased against Indians and decides to start a non-violent protest campaign for the rights o .....