John Carroll Lynch


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[ John Carroll Lynch ] Carroll Lynch (born August 1, 1963) is an American actor, known for his role as Drew Carey`s cross-dressing brother on The Drew Carey Show, and for hi

Birthday : Aug 01
Born: Boulder, Colorado, USA
IMDB: nm0002253
Movie DB: 3911

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John Carroll Lynch

John Carroll Lynch

The Founder ( 2016 )
rated: 7.2

1954 Having worked as a salesman most of his adult life Ray Kroc has been a hustler in most senses of the word That hustling has made him the target of derision among certain circles for peddling what have ended up being more novelty or faddish than .....

Miracles from Heaven ( 2016 )
rated: 7.1

MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN is based on the incredible true story of the Beam family When Christy Jennifer Garner discovers her 10-year-old daughter Anna Kylie Rogers has a rare incurable disease she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughters healing as .....

Jackie ( 2016 )
rated: 6.8

This movie is a portrait of one of the most important and tragic moments in American history seen through the eyes of the iconic First Lady then Jacqueline Kennedy Natalie Portman Jackie places us in her world during the days immediately following he .....

Hot Pursuit ( 2015 )
rated: 5.2

Rose Cooper is an uptight and by-the-book cop whose name has become synonymous with screw-ups Shes given a chance to redeem herself one day when she is assigned to protect a federal witness Daniella Riva the vivacious and outgoing widow of a drug bos .....

Ted 2 ( 2015 )
rated: 6.3

Months after Johns divorce Ted and Tami-Lynns marriage seems to be on the same road To patch things up Ted and Tami-Lynn plan to have a child with Johns help but their failed efforts backfire disastrously Namely Ted is declared property by the govern .....

Crazy, Stupid, Love. ( 2011 )
rated: 7.4

Cal Steve Carell and Emily Julianne Moore have the perfect life together living the American dream until Emily asks for a divorce Now Cal Mr Husband has to navigate the single scene with a little help from his professional bachelor friend Jacob Palme .....

Shutter Island ( 2010 )
rated: 8.1

In 1954 up-and-coming US marshal Teddy Daniels is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Bostons Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital Hes been pushing for an assignment on the island for personal reasons but before long he thinks h .....

Gran Torino ( 2008 )
rated: 8.2

Walt Kowalski Clint Eastwood is a widower who holds onto his prejudices despite the changes in his Michigan neighborhood and the world around him Kowalski is a grumpy tough-minded unhappy old man who cant get along with either his kids or his neighbo .....

Things We Lost in the Fire ( 2007 )
rated: 7.2

Grief recovery and human contact Brian is a great guy - a sweet father a good husband and a loyal friend to his boyhood pal Jerry whos a junkie When tragedy strikes Jerry tries to help Brians wife and children cope and Audrey Brians widow tries to he .....

Zodiac ( 2007 )
rated: 7.7

A serial killer in the San Francisco Bay Area taunts police with his letters and cryptic messages We follow the investigators and reporters in this lightly fictionalized account of the true 1970s case as they search for the murderer becoming obsessed .....

Gothika ( 2003 )
rated: 5.8

Dr Miranda Grey is a psychiatrist who works in a penitentiary in the mental institution sector She is married with Dr Douglas Grey the chief of department where Dr Pete Graham also works Chloe Sava a patient of Dr Miranda formerly abused by her stepf .....

FaceOff ( 1997 )
rated: 7.3

Sean Archer a very tough rugged FBI Agent is still grieving for his dead son Michael Archer believes that his sons killer is his sworn enemy and a very powerful criminal Castor Troy One day Archer has finally cornered Castor however their fight has k .....