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[ Ian McDiarmid ] Ian McDiarmid was born in Tayside Scotland in 1944. He studied for an M.A. in Clinical Psychology at The University of St Andrews but eventually found

Birthday : Aug 11
Born: Carnoustie, Tayside, Scotland
IMDB: nm0001519
Movie DB: 27762

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Ian McDiarmid

Ian McDiarmid

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker ( 2019 )
rated: 6.6

While the First Order continues to ravage the galaxy Rey finalizes her training as a Jedi But danger suddenly rises from the ashes as the evil Emperor Palpatine mysteriously returns from the dead While working with Finn and Poe Dameron to fulfill a n .....

The Lost City of Z ( 2016 )
rated: 7.1

The Lost City of Z tells the incredible true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett who journeys into the Amazon at the dawn of the 20th century and discovers evidence of a previously unknown advanced civilization that may have once inhabited the re .....

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith ( 2005 )
rated: 7.6

Nearly three years have passed since the beginning of the Clone Wars The Republic with the help of the Jedi take on Count Dooku and the Separatists With a new threat rising the Jedi Council sends Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to aid the capture .....

Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones ( 2002 )
rated: 6.7

Ten years after the invasion of Naboo the Galactic Republic is facing a Separatist movement and the former queen and now Senator Padm Amidala travels to Coruscant to vote on a project to create an army to help the Jedi to protect the Republic Upon ar .....

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace ( 1999 )
rated: 6.5

The evil Trade Federation led by Nute Gunray is planning to take over the peaceful world of Naboo Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent to confront the leaders But not everything goes to plan The two Jedi escape and along with their n .....

Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi ( 1983 )
rated: 8.4

Luke Skywalker battles Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader to save his comrades in the Rebel Alliance and triumph over the Galactic Empire` Han Solo and Princess Leia reaffirm their love` and team with Chewbacca` Lando Calrissian` the Ewoks` and droids C- .....