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[ Joan Allen ] Joan Allen (born August 20, 1956) is an American actress. She worked in theatre, television and film during her early career, and achieved recognition

Birthday : Aug 20
Born: Rochelle, Illinois, USA
IMDB: nm0000260
Movie DB: 11148

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Joan Allen

Joan Allen

Hachi A Dogs Tale ( 2009 )
rated: 8.1

A college professors bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home .....

Death Race ( 2008 )
rated: 6.4

In 2012, amid economic chaos and high unemployment, Americans watch by the millions as criminals with life sentences race armored cars on Terminal Island. Two-thirds of the combatants die but the winner may earn his freedom. On the day he loses his j .....

The Bourne Ultimatum ( 2007 )
rated: 8

Jason Bourne dodges a ruthless C.I.A. official and his Agents from a new assassination program while searching for the origins of his life as a trained killer. .....

The Bourne Supremacy ( 2004 )
rated: 7.8

After escaping from the emotional and physical pain he previously encountered. Jason Bourne and his girlfriend Marie begin a new life as far away as possible. But when an assassination attempt on Bourne goes horribly wrong, Bourne must re-enter the l .....

FaceOff ( 1997 )
rated: 7.3

Sean Archer, a very tough, rugged FBI Agent, is still grieving for his dead son Michael. Archer believes that his son`s killer is his sworn enemy and a very powerful criminal, Castor Troy. One day, Archer has finally cornered Castor, however, their f .....