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[ Rupert Grint ] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rupert Alexander Grint (born 24 August 1988) is an English actor, who rose to prominence playing Ron Weasley, o

Birthday : Aug 24
Born: Harlow, Essex, England, UK
IMDB: nm0342488
Movie DB: 10989

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Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint

Moonwalkers ( 2015 )
rated: 6.2

What if Apollo 11 never actually made it What if in reality Stanley Kubrick secretly shot the famous images of the moon landing in a studio working for the US administration This is the premise of a totally plausible conspiracy theory that takes us t .....

Postman Pat: The Movie ( 2014 )
rated: 4.6

A veteran postman finds his beliefs challenged after he enters a TV talent show competition .....

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman ( 2013 )
rated: 6.4

While traveling abroad, a guy falls for a Romanian beauty whose unreachable heart has its origins in her violent, charismatic ex. .....

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ( 2011 )
rated: 8.1

Harry, Ron, and Hermione continue their quest of finding and destroying the Dark Lord`s three remaining Horcruxes, the magical items responsible for his immortality. But as the mystical Deathly Hallows are uncovered, and Voldemort finds out about the .....

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 ( 2010 )
rated: 7.7

As Harry races against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes he uncovers the existence of three most powerful objects in the wizarding world the Deathly Hallows .....

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ( 2009 )
rated: 7.5

As Harry Potter begins his sixth year at Hogwarts he discovers an old book marked as the property of the HalfBlood Prince and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemorts dark past .....

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ( 2005 )
rated: 7.7

A young wizard finds himself competing in a hazardous tournament between rival schools of magic, but he is distracted by recurring nightmares. .....

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ( 2004 )
rated: 7.9

It`s Harry`s third year at Hogwarts; not only does he have a new `Defense Against the Dark Arts` teacher, but there is also trouble brewing. Convicted murderer Sirius Black has escaped the Wizards` Prison and is coming after Harry. .....

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ( 2002 )
rated: 7.4

Harry ignores warnings not to return to Hogwarts only to find the school plagued by a series of mysterious attacks and a strange voice haunting him .....