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[ Gerald McRaney ] Gerald McRaney is an American film and television actor, best known for playing Rick Simon on the CBS television series `Simon & Simon` as well as

Birthday : Aug 19
Born: Collins, Mississippi, USA
IMDB: nm0574468
Movie DB: 29512

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Gerald McRaney

Gerald McRaney

The Disappointments Room ( 2016 )
rated: 4.0

A mother and her young son release unimaginable horrors from the attic of their rural dream home .....

Shooter SE 02 ( 2016 )
rated: 5

Based on the best-selling novel Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter and the 2007 Paramount film starring Mark Wahlberg The series starring Ryan Phillippe follows the journey of Bob Lee Swagger a highly-decorated veteran who is coaxed back into action t .....

Agent X ( 2015 )
rated: 6.2

Hidden from the view of the public and even from the President there is a top secret agent who is trained and ready to serve deployed only at the careful discretion of the Vice President .....

Focus ( 2015 )
rated: 6.6

In the midst of veteran con man Nickys latest scheme a woman from his past now an accomplished femme fatale shows up and throws his plans for a loop .....

The Best of Me ( 2014 )
rated: 6.7

Amanda and Dawson are soul mates who met as teens and were from different backgrounds` But circumstances would force them to part ways` 20 years later they are brought back together by the passing of a mutual friend` So they go back home to fulfill h .....

The A-Team ( 2010 )
rated: 7.5

Four American soldiers who are in Iraq are sent on a mission to recover plates for printing 100 dollar bills that were used to print a billion dollars After doing the job and returning to the base their commanding officer is killed in an explosion an .....