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[ Loretta Devine ] Loretta Devine was born on August 21, 1949 in Houston, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech a

Birthday : Aug 21
Born: Houston, Texas, USA
IMDB: nm0222643
Movie DB: 18284

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Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine

Naked ( 2017 )
rated: 5.2

Nervous about finally getting married a guy is forced to relive the same nervewracking hours over and over again until he gets things right on his wedding day .....

Caged No More ( 2016 )
rated: 5.2

Inspired by real events CAGED NO MORE is the story of Aggie Prejean a grandmother on a desperate search to find her two granddaughters .....

Norm of the North ( 2016 )
rated: 3.6

When a real estate development invades his Arctic home Norm and his three lemming friends head to New York City where Norm becomes the mascot of the corporation in an attempt to bring it down from the inside and protect his homeland. .....

For Colored Girls ( 2010 )
rated: 6.0

Each of the women portray one of the characters represented in the collection of twenty poems revealing different issues that impact women in general and women of color in particular .....

I Am Sam ( 2001 )
rated: 7.6

A mentally handicapped man fights for custody of his 7-year-old daughter and in the process teaches his cold-hearted lawyer the value of love and family. .....

rated: 4.3

It was an urban legend that started it all. Now it continues on the Alpine University campus... .....

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge ( 1999 )
rated: 7.1

This biography of Dorothy Dandridge follows her career through early days on the club circuit with her sister to her turn in movies, including becoming the first black actress to win a Best Actress Nomination in 1954 for `Carmen Jones`, to her final .....

Urban Legend ( 1998 )
rated: 5.5

A college student suspects a series of bizarre deaths are connected to certain urban legends .....