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[ Jay Mohr ] Jon Ferguson `Jay` Mohr (born August 23, 1970) is an American actor, comedian and radio host.

Birthday : Aug 23
Born: Verona, New Jersey, USA
Website: http://www.jaymohr.com
IMDB: nm0001542
Movie DB: 12217

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Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr

Road Hard ( 2015 )
rated: 6.1

After his movie and television career has run dry` Bruce Madsen `Adam Carolla` is forced to go back on the road playing one dingy comedy club after another` spending endless nights in budget hotel rooms and always flying coach` Amidst trying to revit .....

I Am Chris Farley ( 2015 )
rated: 7.5

A documentary on the life of comedian Chris Farley .....

Street Kings ( 2008 )
rated: 6.8

LAPD detective Tom Ludlow is a ruthlessly efficient unorthodox undercover cop Captain Jack Wander always covers for Ludlow as do even his somewhat jealous colleagues After technically excessive violence against a vicious Korean gang during the libera .....

Speaking of Sex ( 2001 )
rated: 5.7

A female marriage counselor and a male depression expert try to solve the marital problems of a troubled couple. .....

Pay It Forward ( 2000 )
rated: 7.2

Young Trevor McKinney troubled by his mothers alcoholism and fears of his abusive but absent father is caught up by an intriguing assignment from his new social studies teacher Mr Simonet The assignment think of something to change the world and put .....

Picture Perfect ( 1997 )
rated: 5.5

Kate is working on a career at Mercer Advertising but is passed up for promotion because shes not stable enough still being single and having no ties to the company A story is made up about her being engaged to Nick a guy whom she just met at a frien .....

Jerry Maguire ( 1996 )
rated: 7.3

When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent agent with the only athlete who stays with him and his former secretary. .....