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[ Agnes Bruckner ] Agnes Bruckner born August 16 1985 is an American actress and former model. Bruckner was born in Hollywood California to a Hungarian father and a Russ

Birthday : Aug 16
Born: Los Angeles CA USA
IMDB: nm0115671
Movie DB: 51536

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Agnes Bruckner

Agnes Bruckner

The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson ( 2019 )
rated: 3.6

Inspired by true events, follows OJ Simpson`s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in the last days before her tragic death on June 12, 1994, as seen from her point of view. .....

Breaking the Girls ( 2012 )
rated: 5.0

Sara a college student who was slandered by a classmate finds herself framed for murder by Alex who initially proposed the perfect untraceable crime .....