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[ Peter Mensah ] Peter Mensah (born on 27 August 1959 in Accra, Ghana), is an English/Ghanaian actor, best known for his roles in Tears of the Sun and 300, and more re

Birthday : Aug 27
Born: Accra, Ghana
IMDB: nm0579795
Movie DB: 68278

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Peter Mensah

Peter Mensah

Kevin Hart: What Now? ( 2016 )
rated: 5.6

Comedian Kevin Hart performs in front of a crowd of 50000 people at Philadelphias outdoor venue Lincoln Financial Field .....

300 Rise of an Empire ( 2014 )
rated: 6.2

After its victory over Leonidas' 300, the Persian Army under the command of Xerxes marches towards the major Greek city-states. The Democratic city of Athens, first on the path of Xerxes' army, bases its strength on its fleet, led by admiral Themisto .....

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising ( 2013 )
rated: 7.6

Chronicles the epic battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots in their mission to defend Earth and one day restore their home planet of Cybertron. .....

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena ( 2011 )
rated: 8.6

Before Spartacus struck down his first opponent in the arena there were many gladiators who passed .....

The Incredible Hulk ( 2008 )
rated: 6.8

Bruce Banner a scientist on the run from the US Government must find a cure for the monster he emerges whenever he loses his temper However Banner then must fight a soldier who unleashes himself as a threat stronger than he .....