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[ Lakeith Stanfield ] keith Lee `Keith` Stanfield (born August 12, 1991) is an American actor and rapper. He made his feature film debut in Short Term 12 (2013), for which

Birthday : Aug 12
Born: San Bernardino, California, USA
IMDB: nm3147751
Movie DB: 1200864

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Lakeith Stanfield

Lakeith Stanfield

Judas and the Black Messiah ( 2021 )

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Someone Great ( 2019 )
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Uncut Gems ( 2019 )
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Crown Heights ( 2017 )
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nA .....

Death Note ( 2017 )
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Get Out ( 2017 )
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Atlanta ( 2016 )
rated: 8.6

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Live Cargo ( 2016 )
rated: 4.3

nA .....

Straight Outta Compton ( 2015 )
rated: 7.8

In 1987 five young men using brutally honest rhymes and hardcore beats put their frustration and anger about life in the most dangerous place in America into the most powerful weapon they had their music Taking us back to where it all began Straight .....

The Purge: Anarchy ( 2014 )
rated: 6.4

A couple are driving home when their car breaks down just as the Purge commences Meanwhile a police sergeant goes out into the streets to get revenge on the man who killed his son and a mother and daughter run from their home after assailants destroy .....