James Carpinello


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[ James Carpinello ] om Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia James Carpinello (born August 13, 1975) is an American film, television, and Broadway actor who came to national

Birthday : Aug 13
Born: Albany, New York, USA
IMDB: nm0139549
Movie DB: 53198

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James Carpinello

James Carpinello

Lets Kill Wards Wife ( 2014 )
rated: 5.4

Wards wife is a bitch Everyone knows it Including Ward After numerous conversations and ruminations on the subject amongst Wards colorful group of friends a fortuitous accident leads to a whole new world of problems and possibilities Written by Anony .....

The Punisher ( 2004 )
rated: 6.5

Special agent Frank Castle had it all A loving family a great life and an adventurous job But when his life is taken away from him by a ruthless criminal and his associates Frank has become reborn Now serving as judge jury and executioner hes a new k .....