Afton Williamson


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[ Afton Williamson ] Afton Williamson is an actress

Birthday : Aug 17
Born: Tropical Islands
IMDB: nm4182855
Movie DB: 970631

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Afton Williamson

Afton Williamson

The Breaks ( 2016 )
rated: 7.2

Three friends united by their love of hip-hop work to make their big mark in the music industry Beginning in the summer of 1990 NYC Nikki a brilliant recent grad abandons a law school scholarship to pursue her dream of becoming a record exec along wi .....

The Night Of ( 2016 )
rated: 9.1

Naz is a strait-laced Pakistani-American student who is off to a must-attend party on a Friday night His only available transportation being his fathers taxi cab Naz sets off into Manhattan But his party-going plans are quickly forgotten when a myste .....

Man on a Ledge ( 2012 )
rated: 6.6

An ex-cop-turned-con threatens to jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel The nearest New York Police Officer immediately responds to a screaming woman and calls dispatch More officers arrive with SWAT and tactical command along with firefighters Th .....