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[ Tom Hollander ] Thomas Anthony `Tom` Hollander (born 25 August 1967) is an English actor who has appeared in productions such as Enigma, Gosford Park, Cambridge Spies

Birthday : Aug 25
Born: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
IMDB: nm0390903
Movie DB: 2441

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Tom Hollander

Tom Hollander

Bohemian Rhapsody ( 2018 )
rated: 8.2

Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet The film traces .....

Tulip Fever ( 2017 )
rated: 6.2

In seventeenth century Amsterdam an orphaned girl Sophia is forcibly married to a rich and powerful merchant Cornelis Sandvoort - an unhappy arrangement that saves her from poverty After her husband commissions a portrait she begins a passionate affa .....

The Night Manager ( 2016 )
rated: 8.2

The night manager of a Cairo hotel is recruited to infiltrate an arms dealers inner circle .....

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation ( 2015 )
rated: 7.4

CIA chief Hunley Baldwin convinces a Senate committee to disband the IMF Impossible Mission Force of which Ethan Hunt Cruise is a key member Hunley argues that the IMF is too reckless Now on his own Hunt goes after a shadowy and deadly rogue organiza .....

About Time ( 2013 )
rated: 7.8

At the age of 21 Tim Lake Domhnall Gleeson discovers he can travel in time The night after another unsatisfactory New Year party Tims father Bill Nighy tells his son that the men in his family have always had the ability to travel through time Tim ca .....

In the Loop ( 2009 )
rated: 7.5

The US President and UK Prime Minister fancy a war But not everyone agrees that war is a good thing The US General Miller doesnt think so and neither does the British Secretary of State for International Development Simon Foster But after Simon accid .....

Valkyrie ( 2008 )
rated: 7.1

In Nazi Germany during World War II as the tide turned in favor of the Allies a cadre of senior German officers and politicians desperately plot to topple the Nazi regime before the nation is crushed in a nearly inevitable defeat To this end Colonel .....

Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End ( 2007 )
rated: 7.1

After Elizabeth Will and Captain Barbossa rescue Captain Jack Sparrow from the land of the dead they must face their foes Davy Jones and Lord Cutler Beckett Beckett now with control of Jones heart forms a dark alliance with him in order to rule the s .....

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest ( 2006 )
rated: 7.3

Once again were plunged into the world of sword fights and savvy pirates Captain Jack Sparrow is reminded he owes a debt to Davy Jones who captains the flying Dutchman a ghostly ship with a crew from hell Facing the locker Jack must find the heart of .....

Gosford Park ( 2001 )
rated: 7.3

Set in the 1930s the story takes place in an old-fashioned English country house where a weekend shooting party is underway The story centers on the McCordle family particularly the man of the house Sir William McCordle Sir Michael Gambon Getting on .....